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2 min readMar 9, 2022


When it comes to preventing the danger of injury, it’s essential to know the proper instructions in the bowling alley. Apart from falling down and being hit, there are several other injuries one may be susceptible to, known as bowler’s tendonitis.

Here are a few important things that every bowler must follow in order to avoid some serious injuries:

  • When it comes to sports, it’s a universal rule to have warm-up exercises. Stretching muscles can help you avoid some serious injuries such as pulled or torn muscles.
  • If you’re a bowler, it’s essential for you to use the right bowling shoes. This will help you avoid slips that may cause strained muscles whenever the player tries to bow.
  • If you don’t know how to put fingers to the holes, you will likely strain your fingers as well as wrists. You may find it difficult to release the bowl due to a poor bawl fit. In order to avoid such things, individuals can buy their own bowling balls. If you’re not lifting the ball, it’s recommended not to put fingers into the holes.
  • If you step into the lane, you can slip and fall down simply because the floor is oily and different from others. Therefore, it’s advised to stay away from the lane while allowing the bowling staff to do what’s necessary.
  • When you’re in a bowling alley in OKC, you should know that a 16 pound ball is always heavy to pick. Therefore, if you use one hand to handle the ball, this can create strains in the player’s hand and back.

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