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Noodling It

This is a game with pasta and is quite fun as well as easy to play. Moreover, the game is perfect for kids between 4 and 8 years. How to play the game? Well, you have to keep penne pasta on a tray. On a separate pan, you have to spread the uncooked spaghetti pasta. After that, you have to take an empty vessel along with a timer.

The rule of the game is quite easy as kids have to pick up one piece of penne pasta using the spaghetti and keep them in the dish. However, there is a rule as the kids cannot use their hands. By the end of the timer, kids who have picked the maximum number of pasta will win the game. If you are arranging a birthday party venue, definitely you must give this game a try.

Pop it

This is a balloon game, which is loud and is quite fun and will leave everyone laughing. First things first, you have to fill the balloons with air and tie it to the legs of every player. The rule of the game is to pop the other player’s balloon while you are trying to save yours. If you are arranging a huge birthday party in a birthday party venue, this game is definitely one of the best choices. The last player who keeps all the balloons intact wins the game.

Pin The Tail on The Donkey

In this game, you will have to keep a big picture of a donkey on the wall. After that, you will have to make paper tails so that they can be pasted on the donkey. The rule of the game is quite simple. First, you have to stick the image of the donkey on the wall. Ask all the kids to stand away from the illustration. Everyone should be handed a tail with their names written on it. Every kid should be blindfolded and stand facing the illustration. The one kid who pins the tail close to the donkey will win the game.

Arrange Some Exciting Birthday Games

Birthday games can make your kid love everything about the arrangements. If you are planning for arranging a birthday party, make sure you are coming to Altitude 1291 for some unique birthday game ideas to avoid hassles of being a parent.

Originally published at https://www.altitude1291.com on April 6, 2022.



Altitude 1291 is the best spot in Midwest City for fun, food, drinks, and entertainment.

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Altitude 1291

Altitude 1291

Altitude 1291 is the best spot in Midwest City for fun, food, drinks, and entertainment.